Arezzo Astucci, astucci per gioielli


Arezzo Astucci

Pouches for precious jewels and costume jewellery

Arezzo Astucci manufactures fabric pouches and cases in velvet, satin, organza, Sky, microfiber, felt and jeans for precious jewels, costume jewellery, silverware, watches and a vast array of other objects.

We produce pouches for your valuables such as rings, wedding bands, earrings and necklaces as well as for bottles, pens, cards, glasses, ties, key rings and any other object you may wish to present in a stylish package enhancing its appearance.

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Our catalogue also features jewel rolls for the easy transport and presentation of your collection.

Arezzo Astucci is located in the province of Arezzo and operates in the gold, silverware, watch and costume jewellery sectors, producing its own pouches for jewellery using only fabrics of the highest quality.

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